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Real Dads – Thomas Quinn

A friend of mine just had twins. We do a lot of eye-rolling about how little sleep he and his wife are getting, how full-on caring for two babies at once is, and how much money he is spending.

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We Store Stem Cells

We do this because stem cells can play a vital role in treating many life-threatening diseases. These include leukaemias, lymphomas, bone marrow diseases, anaemias and metabolic disorders. And because stem cell research is still developing, stem cells will be used to treat even more diseases in the future. We offer two services:

Public Donations

If you’re pregnant, you can donate your umbilical cord blood for use in potentially life-saving therapy or ground-breaking medical research designed to find cures for devastating illnesses.

Your stem cells could be used to treat a patient with whom your stem cells are a tissue match or for further medical investigation and studies.

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Private Storage

It is equally your right to choose to store your stem cells for your own exclusive use in case you or your family require stem cell treatment in the future.

Your stem cells will always be a perfect match for you and a likely close match for family and close relatives. And storing your own cells also means your cells are available anytime for you should you ever need them potentially eliminating the need to search for a donor match.

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